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V-Bomber Valiant

V-Bomber Valiant

Ref: X701

In stock

Counted cross stitch embroidery kit of Vickers Valiant post-war aircraft in the anti-flash white of its original nuclear deterrent role, the success of which history bears witness. One of a set of three V-Bombers, with matching borders. Also available as one design together.

Contains whole cross stitches - NO PART STITCHES - and a few back stitches. Stitched measurements 29.4 cm x 19.2 cm / 11.6" x 7.6". Fits our frames F101G, F1012 and F201; we recommend F1012 with airforce blue mount.Fabric is 14 count ecru blockweave Zweigart brand Aida.

Price: 21.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

Mahogany Frame, Airforce Blue Mount (+14.95)
Mahogany Frame, Maple Green Mount (+14.95)
Grey wooden frame, Grey mount (+14.95)

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