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Norton Commando Motorbike

Norton Commando Motorbike

Ref: X800

In stock

Our design depicts a Norton Commando classic motorbike.

Contains only whole cross stitches - NO PART STITCHES - and quite a few back stitches. Contains 13 shades of metre length (for optional fastening on by the loop method, explained therewith) DMC stranded cottons ready sorted on a thread organiser printed with the key. There are no mixed threads. Stitched measurements 10.21" x 5.43"/25.94 cm x 13.79 cm.

Fits our frames F101G, F1012 and F201, shown in our picture herewith in the F1012. The standard fabric is 14 count ecru blockweave Zweigart brand Aida. Kit also contains suitable needle, easy-to-follow charts, small scale and large scale, and in both black and in colour, and full instructions for beginners.

Price: 24.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

Mahogany Frame, Airforce Blue Mount (+14.95)
Mahogany Frame, Maple Green Mount (+14.95)
Grey wooden frame, Grey mount (+14.95)

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